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Riders around the world - wanja van oudenallen

Meeting our users - Fluid kiteboarding

Fluid Kiteboarding just got personal! Meet one of the many kitesurfers out there riding our gear. In this video we meet up with Wanja van oudenallen a Dutch rider who's just enjoying his time on the water.

Without riders there is no Fluid kiteboarding! We just love all of you riders around the world. Are you a Fluid rider or just a Fluid kiteboarding fan. Get in touch with us and we might shoot a profile video about you!


Fluid kiteboarding - Twoseven - Woodseries 2017


Fluid kiteboarding starts a new era with the Black label twintip. We’ve seen crossover kites for years now but we now have world’s first crossover twintip kiteboard. The Black label combines epic big air / freeride characteristics with wakestyle performance. Made for anyone who just loves a smooth ride with amazing pop and easy landings.
if that doesn’t impress you we are sure that all the details of the BLACK LABEL kiteboard will!

Fluid kiteboarding - ATV v8 allround SLE


The Fluid kiteboarding ATV has been the best seller of Fluid kiteboarding for years! The Fluid kiteboarding ATV v8 has been redesigned. We've adjusted the trailing edge and adjusted the leading edge thickness to increase the ATV’s flying speed. The ATV is a kite that will give you a ton of confidence to try new things.  Whether it’s your first meters on a board or some huge jumps! ATV v8 - Why choose! You can get it all!

Fluid kiteboarding - X -  Woodseries 2017

FLUID X - woodseries

A True allround kiteboard was born! The Fluid kiteboarding X is the smoothest board we have ever ridden! The board has been tested by numerous of riders and all opinions were unanimous! The Fluid X is AMAZING! Next level allround / freeride kiteboard super smooth with awesome pop. Get out there, ride, have fun and be X!

The Fluid kiteboarding X for anyone who loves allround kitesurfing!



Get your Fluid kiteboarding twoseven woodseries now at our kiteshop!